Avoid Direct House Buyer Scams

Every year, homeowners around Australia are tricked into scams by companies claiming to be Direct House Buyer® when in fact they are not associated with Direct House Buyer at all.

There is only one legitimate Direct House Buyer company, and the only way to reach them is through the official website at
or by calling 04203 846 30. Anyone else claiming to be Direct House Buyer is lying (Direct House Buyer is trademarked!) and quite likely to be running some type of home buying scam or rip-off.

How do I avoid real estate scams?

The simplest way is to always ensure you are dealing directly with Direct House Buyer. If you contact a home buyer that is not part of Direct House Buyer, it is important to research them extensively to verify they are legitimate.

Scam Avoidance Questions

  • How many homes have you purchased before?
  • Are you using your own money and paying cash or getting a loan?
  • What are the addresses of some other homes you've purchased?
  • What are the names and phone numbers of people you've bought a house from?
  • What title company do you use?
  • Is this your full-time profession?

Don't get ripped off!

Like with any industry, there are thousands of legitimate and honest real estate investors who will buy your house for cash. However, as you've seen from the late-night infomercials, there aer also unscrupulous individuals who want to "get rich quick" by "flipping houses". Most of these people just went to a seminar and do not know what they are doing!

ALWAYS do your research before signing any paperwork with a real estate investor, mortgage broker, real estate agent, or other service provider. This is your best bet to avoid being scammed, ripped off, or taken advantage of!

To be contacted by your local Direct House Buyer home buyer, just Contact Us Here

Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Credit

Are you facing foreclosure?

Medical expenses, the loss of a job and other life-altering occurrences can happen to anyone, causing you to fall behind in our loan payments. If you stop paying your credit cards it hurts your credit rating, but if you stop paying your home loan the situation is even worse, because the lender can foreclose, taking ownership your home.

Are you behind in your payments?

We can help!

Direct House Buyer is a worldwide network of real estate investors who can purchase property for cash, preventing the bank from foreclosing. Not only will this stop the foreclosure process, it will save your credit and you may even be able to receive cash back at closing. Our investors can negotiate with your bank to stop the foreclosure process immediately and give you time to work something out! Simply fill out our stop foreclosure form and someone will contact you with a solution to your problem!

Inheritance and Probate Real Estate

Do you have a house in probate?

We understand that dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult, and the last thing you want to worry about is how to handle a house or other real estate that you have inherited.

Many times there are complicated issues having to do with title, multiple heirs, probate, wills, property condition and a multitude of other situations.

The investors a Fast Home Offers have been buying houses just like yours for many years, and have extensive experience to walk you through the difficult process. If your house is run down, trashy, or in disrepair we can make you a quick cash offer so that you can move on with more important issues.

If you would like a fast, fair, no obligation, cash offer on your property, simply fill out this form. Someone will get back with you quickly to discuss your options.