How Calendar Dates Can Affect The Property Market

Calendar dates dictate the market trends

Would you ever prefer going on a house hunting program on Christmas holidays? No? What about New Year holidays? Still no? Well, then what about school, Easter and other public holidays of the similar nature? Obviously no!

The point is that, calendar dates can make a major impact on the actions of the buyers and the sellers. Being aware of the public holidays can play a part in favor of you.

New Year brings new mindsets

Everybody loves making a New Year resolution and buyers are no different humans. With the New Year’s resolution comes a new encouraged mindset for those people who want to make a move once and for all, they’ll be excited and very motivated to step into the property market. Moreover, the property stocks usually become very low by the end of the year so buyers are interested to come back after the holidays to find new properties.

On the other hand, some buyers will ease off from the tension of the property world. They would rather prefer to clear their mind and go on a long vacation with their family. This mostly impacts the activity of the auctions because if there are no buyers, there will be no auctions so most of the sellers tend to stay quiet during the public holidays.

The effect of the Australia Day

The Australia Day falls every year on the 26th of January. With January ending with the Australia Day and followed by a holiday (28th January for 2019), the month of February will see an instant boost of auction sales. It also means that the competition will be extremely high because all the gates will be opened and auctions will be everywhere and clearance rate will be touching the skies in a matter of time.

Timing of the Easter holidays

This year, in 2018, the Easter is falling on the 1st of April which happens to be a Sunday. The holidays will last until the 15th as 16th is the first weekday. No auctions should be expected during the holidays as Easter is also one of those opportunities for the families where they want to go out and have some fun with their children. It is basically the enjoying time for the kids and the parents.

However, we may expect some quick stock clearance of properties by the end of March. Some people may set up private sales to quickly attract the buyers before the end of March. Sellers may even be thinking that a good enough sale may encourage a buyer to celebrate their Easter in their new home which, in a way, is pretty much possible if the property happens to meet the client’s requirements.

When the winter strikes

Winter falls in Australia from June to August and winter happens to be one of those seasons here in which the number of property listings fall. The sellers are well aware that the buyers are hesitant to travel in the winter days and hence the winter is a put off sign for them.

Nevertheless, the very encouraged buyers will still be making a move whether it is winter or not. The day and night does not matter for them nor does the change of seasons. So, the winter days can actually become a great time to attract some genuinely interested buyers.

The best-selling time of the year

In Australia, spring and autumn are the traditional months of listing properties. In spring, especially, everything is looking clean and green so this is a psychological factor which encourages even uninterested buyers to make a move during this time. So, with the increased number of listings come an increased number of buyers which can further mean an increased number of auctions. Everything is increased!

So, what does it mean for the seller? Well, with pages full of listings, you are going to have a hard-time displaying your proposed property. Thus, you should be putting your best forward so it can quickly attract the attention it deserves.

And, what does it mean for the buyers? The competition is extremely high. Everyone wants to grab their dream property. It is as if everyone has a pledge to shift to their new house by Christmas. Therefore, plan out and strategize your thinking. You have to be ready to outsmart other buyers at every single move so that nobody gets that dream house except for you!

The end of the year

You know, the word “December” alone pictures in our mind the picture of a holiday. The last biggest auction of the year is most probably to always occur in the first week of the December. And then, buyers will disappear. Not literally but they will no longer be interested to present themselves in the auctions because of the approaching holidays and so many upcoming events. Hence, it’s not usually recommended to start an auction campaign at the end of the year.

If you still want to sell your property, doing it through a private sale/off-market way would be a better approach as some serious buyers will still not back off from their dreams.

We bet you didn’t imagine the calendar dates to be impacting this much on the real estate business, or did you? Anyway, this article should help you in planning out your primary moves and backup plans for throughout the year.

Has Technology Made The Traditional Real Estate Agent Obsolete?

It is true that technology has started to advance much more regularly than in the previous decades. However, there are some things that just cannot be replaced by the technology. Saying that technology can replace a traditional real estate agent is as irrational as saying that robotic females can replace human wives in the future. Yes, the robots can help you in doing the daily chores but they do not have a heart to process feelings and this is the exact point which we want to relate here.

Why technology cannot replace the real estate agents

Buying and selling real estate is much more than numbers and dreamy houses. It’s more about understanding the needs, feelings and emotions of a person to get them what they want. There are certain things that just cannot be replaced by the technology no matter how much it advances. Things which are depicted by past experiences, feelings or vibes of a particular place can only be comprehended by a human.

In addition, technology cannot point out to you the minute differences between one property and another. Think about sunshine trying to reach your room but getting blocked by a big building in between. Can technology understand why this is a deal-breaker? If you try to modify your search, you will just end up getting results of houses that have more artificial lights in them.

The point is, nature plays a great role in determining our mood and interest towards a particular place. Since this is only understood by humans, technology can never replace what one feels about something.

The bonding matters

The relationship between a real estate agent and a client is just like a close bond. Both of them are trying their utmost to make the other understand what they want. The deeper and better the bond is between two people, the easier it is for each other to comprehend the needs of one another. Hence, human relationships are one of the most important factors in almost any area of life and this is something which robots cannot replace. This is exactly why we mentioned at the start of this article that technology may make connectivity and communication easier but there’s no way technology can compete with a human relationship. It’s just like saying that money can buy love, it just cannot.

Advertising is only part of the selling process

Many people think that advertising their property is all that they need to do to get their property sold. This is not entirely true because advertising is just one of the steps that you need to make and there are several other steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful sale. Advertising does play a role as it’s crucial to allow your property to reach its potential buyers but just because you have access to technology, it does not mean that advertising is the only step you need to take or that it is the only move that needs to be made in the entire selling process.

As much as we emphasize on the role of agents is less. Let’s reiterate the fact that real estate agents are those people who know the property markets inside out. They’ve seen hundreds of thousands of sales and they’ve met countless buyers of distinct nature and preferences. So, a real estate agent is someone who is extremely experienced in his work. He knows what he’s doing and he’s only there to help you sell your property. In addition, technology cannot help you negotiate with your client but an agent certainly can and that also in a very impressive and skillful way.

Technology can make a real estate agent even stronger

Whether technology can replace real estate agents or not is one way to look at the argument but what if technology itself is used in order to strengthen the way the agents work?

It’s true that technology alone is also powerful, no doubt. The ability to instantly update your social media status, add messages on your Facebook campaigns with a single click, talking to people for free via chat, finding out useful data and extracting out the trends – it can’t get easier than that!

However, you still need real estate agents to walk the streets, connect with the people, get to know what they are looking for and work in your favor. With technology available at hand, real estate agents can also carry out all types of communications with an internet which can save up a great ton of time and speed up the process.